My Life with Bob

by Pamela Paul

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! A wonderful book about the reading life. Paul keeps a reading journal, recording only author and title so she make one journal last her whole life. Her book chronicles the stages of her life on her way to becoming editor of the New York Times Book Review. Talk about dream jobs! Her father started her on her reading journey by being a pushover for books she wanted, and she has continued that with her own children. Like any serious reader, books have played important parts in her life, even contributing to her divorce, when she and her first husband fiercely argued about books.

I keep a reading journal too, but usually write a little about each book so I am on my third journal. So this is a subject close to my heart.

My favorite parts are near the end, after her children are born and her heart returns to children’s literature, even becoming children’s books editor for the Times. I agree with her, that books you read as a child affect you deeply. I can remember lying on my bed as the room grew darker, too engrossed in Charlotte’s Web to get up and turn on the light.

I love how certain books symbolize different chapters in Paul’s life. I am writing a memoir and am referencing  books that were important at the major turning points of my story.

If you love books about the reading life or are willing to put your toe in this genre, run to your bookstore and buy this one. Five stars, all the superlatives.  I ordered it for my niece for Christmas (hope she doesn’t read this).

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