Type Talk

The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work by Otto Kroeger and Janet M Thuesen

The subtitle pretty much says it all. On the Myers Briggs Type Indicators grid I am ISFJ (introvert, sensor, feeling, judger). This book spends some time describing each type but mostly deals with how to type and motivate your coworkers and loved ones. I will need to read another book to understand my type better. 

I did identify with the descriptions of my type- tendency to allow oneself to become a doormat (ouch), loyal, dutiful, good librarian (I totally called that), difficulty with change. 

Chapters cover how to type others and how type affects us as lovers, parents, and coworkers, as well as summaries of all 16 types. Interesting as far as it goes.  I do want to learn more about this. 

Behind Her Eyes

By Sarah Pinborough

Our protagonist is Louise, a single mom who needs to move on and get out more. She has an encounter with a seemingly great guy, who turns out to be her new boss, David (oops). After dropping off her son at school she runs into his wife, Adele, and persuades herself it wouldn’t hurt to have coffee with her just this once. She continues to delude herself that she can be friends with Adele while conducting an affair with David, in spite of their marriage that seems perfect from where she is sitting. 

Adele loans Louise a book on getting better sleep through directed dreaming and things start to grow complicated as Louise begins to see that things are not all beer and skittles between David and Adele. 

I did not see the bizarre ending of this thriller coming. I think this is my favorite Book of the Month pick so far. 

the life-changing magic of tidying up

By Marie Kondo

I had previously read a library copy of this book but I bought my own copy for a recent book club. You probably already know that where Kondo says ‘tidying up’ Americans say ‘decluttering’.  She details everything from how to fold your clothes to thanking an item you are letting go, for the faithful service which it has rendered but is no longer needed. Some of the advise I take to heart, such as the thanking of items (I anthropomorphize everything) and not being around when your children are decluttering (I want to rescue everything). Some things just don’t apply to my super-sized American life, like putting all your books in one pile before sorting them (ha) and whittling books down to one shelf-worth (double ha). 

Definitely worth reading if your house needs decluttering like mine does.