the life-changing magic of tidying up

By Marie Kondo

I had previously read a library copy of this book but I bought my own copy for a recent book club. You probably already know that where Kondo says ‘tidying up’ Americans say ‘decluttering’.  She details everything from how to fold your clothes to thanking an item you are letting go, for the faithful service which it has rendered but is no longer needed. Some of the advise I take to heart, such as the thanking of items (I anthropomorphize everything) and not being around when your children are decluttering (I want to rescue everything). Some things just don’t apply to my super-sized American life, like putting all your books in one pile before sorting them (ha) and whittling books down to one shelf-worth (double ha). 

Definitely worth reading if your house needs decluttering like mine does. 

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