By Robin Cook

I can remember enjoying Robin Cook’s books when I was younger so either his writing is worse or my standards are different. Or both, of course. 

I was sick for much of May and was looking for the book equivalent of comfort food, something engrossing but not too challenging. Our heroes here are two 20 somethings who decide to sell their eggs to finance a stay in Italy to write their theses. Unexpected symptoms after their procedures lead them to investigate the clinic further so naturally they get jobs at the clinic under assumed names.  The fertility clinic is run in an old asylum, perfect for scary moments as the girls try to answer their questions about what is really happening to all those eggs being harvested. You don’t want to know what they find as they follow every evil Doctor, old asylum cliched plot line. Nasty. 

Please don’t waste your time on this book. It has no redeeming qualities. 

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