Welcome to my world



Welcome to the inside of my head. Having journaled my books for years just for my own pleasure, I thought if I dipped my toe into the wordpress community I might meet other book-obsessed souls like myself. I grew up reading sci fi since that was what was in the house and did not branch out to other genres until after I was married. In my husband’s record collection was Wuthering Heights on a Kate Bush album-‘ Heathcliffe, it’s me, it’s Kathy’ was so compelling I had to read the book to find out what the deal was. Huge epiphany- there is a reason the classics are considered classic- they’re good books! Seems obvious, but I was late to that party. Brit Lit is my favorite but now I love lots of things- literary fiction, memoir, popular science, self help. spiritual. I have other loves in my life but books trump them all except family.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. I am looking forward to your comments. I love to read. It is my retreat form it all. I just finished Death At Tammany Hall. By Charles O’Brien. A mystery set in the 1800’s . There are a few interesting books the author suggested if you’re interested in any of the books subjects. I’very requested 2 from the library. A history of Victorian train travel in America.


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